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Hello there, my name is Neelam Singh. Thanks for stopping by.


As a nutrition & lifestyle coach and a wellness educator, I help my clients transform their lives one step at a time. I work with clients to develop a better relationship with food and their bodies, and achieve lasting weight loss and better health. My clients have experienced relief from seasonal allergies, heartburn, bloating, cravings, joint & chronic body pain to name a few. Some experience increased energy & flexibility, enhanced focus, balanced blood sugar and blood pressure, improved gut health and reduced inflammation.


I have hosted seasonal Clean Eat group programs, that have helped my clients to achieve weight loss by learning to eat clean, real and nutritionally dense foods. There is no dieting, there is no starvation and no deprivation in these programs. These programs are designed to transform your life in the healthiest way possible. You get to spend time learning about clean foods and how to balance your meals to provide lasting energy and curb cravings. You also learn about mindful eating, proper rest, stress management and key exercises for weight loss & management. You’ll also have access to an exclusive, private Facebook group for continued support. 


JOIN ME. Change your body and change your life, by eating real foods and connecting with your body, mind, and spirit. I work privately to personalize the programs to your individual needs, as no one eating style fits all.


Do you dread holiday gatherings because you fear weight gain and the guilt that comes with abandoning healthy eating?

If you're ready to release weight naturally, get your energy back, and enjoy the Holidays with Confidence & without Guilt...


Join the Fall Reset Group Coaching Program

Starting Nov 10th 2022

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