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have never believed in deprivation or dieting and still don't. I choose whole foods, movement, deep breathing to nourish my mind, body and spirit. I encourage and support my clients by helping them follow the same.


Eat & Drink Clean + Move Mindfully  + Breathe Deep + Stress Less + Sleep Sound = Accomplish More

Meet Karuna Baskaran, a wife, mom of two, and an active 57 year old grandma to a 18month old.

Meet Karuna's husband, Hiron C.

Ready to donate his larger pants.

"I lost 10 pounds in the first 3 months and a few more in the next 3 months of my 6 month health coaching. I am on my journey to loose another 10.
I got a wonderful oportunity in Neelam Singh as a Health Coach to set my path towards living a more healthy and beautiful life. Her approach to everything is holistic which encompasses every aspect of your life that may be affecting you in achieving your goals. The information and guidance she provides is detailed and extensive a little overwhelming at times but which can be used later as you progress. She is gentle and soft yet pretty persuasive in helping you follow through her guidance. In the end it is up to you follow someones guidance and reflect its effect on your guide. I have lost 13 pounds in my 6 months of being coached, I have a good eating and exercise habit in place now and a greater awareness of what I eat and what I do. Thanks to Neelam, I needed to be on this journey very much. I also do yoga with Neelam, which has made my body so much more supple and flexible. 

~ Karuna Baskarn, July 2017

Update after Fall Jumpstart 2017:

"I had already done the 6 months program with Neelam Singh, where I had lost 15 lbs. I was maintaining my weight except that was going up and down 3 lbs for the next couple of months. So wanted to reset my system with the jumpstart. It helped me lose inches all over and lose 3-4 lbs. The Menu, recipes and shopping lists were very helpful. Neelam Singh is very supportive, detailed, and give time and attention to your specific needs, and I would anytime recommend her to my friends and family. My greatest gain was having my spouse follow the jumpstart with me, and his tummy which was refusing to budge even though he was loosing weight began to melt down. He was so thrilled to have lost 2 pant sizes overall. More than me he went round telling everyone about his jumpstart Jumpstart Whole Foods Program.

~ Karuna Baskaran, Dec 2017

 "The biggest change I noticed since I took this program is I'm more aware of the foods that I eat and the effect that it has on me as soon as I eat it. I noticed that by eliminating certain things from my diet as well as the timing during which I eat made a significant change in my overall well being and has motivated me to stay on track. 

I just feel a lot better. When I fall off the wagon, I don't beat myself up. I just get back on track and vow to be better the next time. 

Neelam provided me with all the tools to help me succeed. Meal plans, ingredients lists as well just information to help me be better prepared to tackle the day to day chores of meal prep. One word to describe Neelam as health coach -- Motivator. She motivates us to do our best and take things one step at a time. I know what she conveys to us will have the positive results we are seeking as she herself went through the same steps albeit without any guidance and on her own. 

This program is for everyone who is seeking to lose weight, learn how to eat healthy, learn about nutrition in the foods we eat, exercise tips and anything to help you get back on tract to a healthier happier you. The first step does start with you the individual. But with Neelam in your corner, the journey as well as the end result can be rewarding and enjoyable experience.

~Agnesh Kokate, Fall Jumpstart 2017 participant

“ I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your support and the positive influence you have had on my life. Last two week's journey towards good health was fabulous. I appreciate your hard work to educate us toward heathy lifestyle on a daily basis, continued enthusiasm, and your expertise. I lost 7 lb in the process. I am back from my trip to Chicago. During my stay with my mom and sister, I encouraged them towards healthy diet. like use of coconut oil which is not common in Bengali cooking. Thank you again for all your help and encouragement. I am humbled and grateful."

~Nasreen, Fall Jumpstart 2017 participant

Neelam is a very dedicated and a passionate coach without a doubt. She has always been a text or a call away from answering any qts or when in doubt. I would recommend her to anyone without a second thought - she is very passionate about her vocation and it shows in her dedication towards her clients. She is very approachable and comfortable to discuss your concerns- has immense patience to deal with your qts! She is a great health coach and I am glad I invested in her!

~Kanika, Fall Jumpstart 2017 participant 

Meet Margaret Behrns

Neelam's Yin class is a key part of my management of muscle pain and stiffness. I look forward to her class each week and bump everything else out of the way to make it!

Her classes are wonderful and she is a gem. I highly recommend checking her out, you can't go wrong with her!

~ Margaret Behrns

“Neelam is a skillful yoga instructor. Her teaching methods are excellent, she is always giving alternatives if you have any health problems. Her words in classes radiates peacefulness and feelings." I am very happy to have her like an instructor and... I AM LOOSING WEIGHT! 

~Carol Valdizan-Fretwell

I have enjoyed learning yoga from Neelam for the past year now. It's been a very enriching and calming experience. I go for Neelam's yoga class 3 times a week and have enjoyed it immensely. Would recommend it to every one. 
Love the ambience she creates and the small class size. 
Neelam is able to tailor the instruction based on the skill level of the students. Beginners or experienced yoga students all enjoy her classes. 
Keep up the fantastic job! 

~Vineeta Gupta

In the last few months of 2017 I went through a lot of personal health issues for a 45 year old female. My body and soul were tired of medicines, excessive weight gain and low self esteem. In Jan 2018 fate got me connected to Neelams detox program. Cannot thank Neelam enough for the constant support, very detailed explanations to my concerns, flexibility in food selection and recipes etc during the 14 day detox program. Even though I think I know a lot about living healthy I must say I still learned so many new things during these two weeks. Some of those new items have become part of my daily life now. Distant learning was not an issue at all and no matter where in the world you are located, the program will work for you. I will for sure repeat these detox sessions with Neelam frequently as being in a group and being accountable really really helps. 
Neelam is simply awesome as a person. She is so soft spoken yet firm in her believes and conveys her side of the story very appropriately. She is highly knowledgeable about her teachings and if she does not know some specific detail she does the research and gets back to you rather than giving a wrong answer. I am sincerely very thankful to Neelam for starting me on this journey.

~Sumeer Dosanjh, Winter Eat Clean 2018 participant 

Hello Neelam, I just came to know an hour ago that I am rolling off my current project as they do not have funding! Surprisingly, I am so positive this time around. Thanks for all your support. I am much relaxed than I was 2 months ago. I now have a plan and I am going to follow that to get a job. That's all I can do on my end. Worrying about it will not help. I wanted to take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this positive shift. I know I concentrate on trivial things like weight, but you made sure throughout to bring that shift in me. Its working! THANK YOU!

~Shalini Appala

My experience with the program was so wonderful and I had great results.

I found that I had lots of energy, my bloating reduced and I also lost weight. So far I lost 17 pounds and I find that I have maintained my weight even after completing the program. I learnt about many foods and ingredients that I did not know about before. I am so grateful I discovered this program and was happy to be part of it. Thank You again and happy new year to you and your family!

~Chaman, A Fall & Winter Eat Clean participant.

I went to doctors for my back and knee pain. I was suffering from this pain for a while. They did an MRI, sonogram and X-Ray and they couldn’t find anything. They prescribed pain killers. Those meds would subside the pain but the pain would resurface. I shared my painful symptoms with Neelam and she suggested a holistic solution, it was a combo of Indian spices and lifestyle modifications and in less than 2 months all pain was gone and ever since I have shared the solutions with my two brothers, daughters, all my friends & clients. I’m not depressed any more. On the contrary, I now sleep peacefully & soundly, I’m happy and thriving once again. Thank you Neelam, keep making a difference!!

~Parvaneh Soleymani

It was October 2017. Suffering from my hormonal imbalance, pre-menopausal symptom, knee pain, ankle pain and weight gain. I was overwhelmed with all these problems. Then I saw a post in the face book by Karuna Bhaskaran -- 14 day Clean Eating Fall Jumpstart offered by Neelam Singh. It was a new beginning for me. My knee pain, swollen ankle was gone and I lost 10 lb in 14 days. It seems very hard initially, but after 4/5 days, I started to notice the change in my body. I saw the glow in my face and my chronic pain disappeared. I felt more energetic and happy. Learnt about food and my own body. It's amazing! Neelam also coached me for one and one eating healthy plan. Neelam always keeps me on my feet, so that I do it right. With that I have lost more weight and learnt great deal about food. Thank you Neelam for taking this journey with me and making me feel healthy again. Without you it was not possible.

~Kabita Dilawar

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