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Introducing "The  Ultimate Guide to Self Healing Vol 2" available for reading:

The power to heal yourself…

…it’s what these 25 experts will give you a taste of. 


You’ll learn from holistic health practitioners, coaches, and healers who specialize in unique and powerful modalities for peak mind, body, and soul wellness. 


The authors share their authentic stories and passions as well as teaching transformative self-treatment tools and practices that address physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health. 


Most self-treatment books concentrate on only one modality. What you have in your hands is a powerful toolkit and a rare find; the collaborative energy, effort, intention and love from over two dozen practitioners and healers who’ve made their lives about helping people like you thrive!


You’ll be thrilled when you realize the power you have at your finger tips…

…because who wouldn’t want a team of badass healing experts to show them all the secrets to living the best possible life? 


BONUS! Book owners can request access to a very special private Facebook group where the author-experts are doing live training, and Q&A!

Click link to contact:


Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 2 Readers:

Guided breath practice to go along chapter #7 

"Deep Relaxation using The Conscious Breath."

Email to request a free copy of the guided practice. 

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Deep Relaxation Neelam Singh
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Inspired Living
by Neelam
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